Nicholas received his Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon after 6 years of immersive training in the following:

  • Classical Chinese Acupuncture

  • Classical herbs and herbal formulation

  • Chinese bodywork

  • Emeii Zhen Gong Qi Gong

  • Wudan He Tai Chi


The opportunity to travel to China with venerated masters of Chinese Medicine and Internal Martial artists further complimented a comprehensive formal education. 

A passion for both Allopathic and Complementary medicine defines Nicholas’ practice and a constant pursuit of further knowledge in both fields inspires interactions with every client. 

Additionally, Nicholas graduated from Virginia Tech with an advanced degree in Psychology focusing on Interpersonal and Transpersonal philosophy.


Nicholas’ journey into Martial Arts began with meditation.   As a college student, he was lucky to find a teacher, Dr. Joseph Germana, who was well versed in Mindful Meditation of the Zazen variety.  Dr. Germana studied Zazen meditation in the San Francisco zen center under the tutelage of Shunryu Suzuki, the founder of Zazen meditation.

More recently, Nicholas’ Qigong Teacher, Master Zhongxian Wu introduced him to several forms of meditation including; seated meditation in the style of the Taoist and Buddhist monks, walking meditation, and meditation in movement. 

Nicholas has spent several weeks on end meditating in monasteries in China with monks and has carried these lessons forward in order to teach others. 


Under the tutelage of Master Zhongxian Wu, Nicholas has become proficient in teaching many forms of Qi Gong which can be customized and tailored to the individual based on their needs and heatlh requirements.  Nicholas has taught Qi Gong to both adults and children alike in both individual and group settings.


Under the intense scrutiny of Master Zhongxian Wu, Nicholas has learned and continues his practice of Wudan He style Tai Chi.  A 75 movement form which contains a simpler 8 movement mother form is a series of exercises to strengthen the body as well as prepare the body for meditation.  Practiced slowly and with intention, the form becomes meditation in movement while practicing quickly and with strength, the martial application becomes apparent.

Nicholas has taught the He style of Tai Chi for over ten years to private clients as well as students of Chinese Medicine and Chinese culture alike.